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baked jalapeno chicken

Ulcerative Colitis Cooking – Baked Chicken October 2011

Baked Chicken – Ulcerative Colitis Food That’s Easy to Make: Today I’m making up some baked chicken in the oven.  It’s pretty simple to make, nothing fancy, nothing too special or complicated, just plain old chicken breasts that to me, are an excellent meal.  And since it stays within the SCD diet protocol, I think […]

SCD Quiche

Specific Carbohydrate Diet Quiche Recipe

Making SCD Diet Quiche, It’s Pretty Easy to Cook For all of you looking for a great new snack to make yourself if you follow the SCD diet to treat your Colitis or Crohn’s, I highly recommend you consider making quiche.  To be honest, when I was a kid, I always thought quiche was a […]

truck food SCD illegal

How to Avoid Problems with the SCD Diet

For sure, anybody who has been using the Specific Carbohydrate Diet to help treat their ulcerative colitis has hit some tough times.  There is absolutely no way anybody on this diet hasn’t at least been tempted by illegal foods that are not allowed on the SCD.  For me, this was today while I was out […]

yogurt for ulcerative colitis

SCD Yogurt For Colitis Diet

Why SCD Yogurt and Not Just Regular Yogurt? Most people I hope would watch the videos and say, what the heck would anyone take twenty minutes and prepare yogurt from scratch when you can simply go down the street to your local grocery story and buy your own yogurt?  Well, the answer is that all […]


What is A Diet?

So what really is a diet? To find an answer I thought no better place to search than the UC Berkeley Main Library. Within a huge dictionary there was a definition that really hit home for me. It read: food and drink considered in terms of it’s qualities, composition, and it’s effects on health. What […]


The Best Chicken Ever – SCD Palestinian Style

20 October 2011

Most of us who follow the specific carbohydrate diet are interested in eating new foods, but the reality is that we are somewhat limited with what types of food we can eat. Enter Zaki Restaurant in Albany, CA. This place was one of those, “hey baby, should we give this kabob house a try instead […]

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Breads Are Not SCD Legal, But They Sure Look Good

25 September 2011

Once again, this is about as close as I get to all the breads on offer. That stuff would totally mess up my streak of staying SCD diet legal and again it’s just not worth the momentary pleasure. Once you start the SCD diet, each diel that goes by makes refraining from bread and grains […]

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colitis diet breakfast september

Specific Carbohydrate Diet Breakfast 9/24/2011

24 September 2011

Today it for sure was my time to make a meal, so I cranked out an old faithful SCD breakfast meal that we like so much.  It is pretty simple to make, and it really only takes about 45 minutes, which sounds like alot, but on a Saturday morning when your wife is still sleeping […]

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SCD Lamb Dish

18 September 2011

I went to a brand new restaurant for some Kate night dinner in Berkeley the other night at a restaurant called Jupiter. It was excellent. But much at all in terms of SCD diet food, but I still managed. I ordered a lamb skewer and a salad no croutons. The lamb skewer had onion and […]

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Common SCD Diet Mistakes

13 September 2011

For about two years now, I have been following the SCD diet, and it has been my biggest success in fighting my ulcerative colitis. I know the diet works for me, and many others too. But still, so many people make mistakes on it. For example: 1) eating potatoes and chips 2) drinking soda throughout […]

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Why It’s Easy NOT Drinking Alcohol…COLITIS!

23 August 2011

Part two of my SCD filled trip to Los Angeles is going to be some rambling thoughts about drinking alcohol. So let’s get one thing clear, I used to really enjoy going to an airport bar and having a few drinks. Partially because it was often hectic traveling and working, and the airport bar was […]

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Keeping SCD Food Real – Mexican Style

29 July 2011

I’ve said it before, and this won’t be the last time either, but by my eating habits and style you might guess I’m part Mexican. I am sure that my heritage is not Mexican though, but I love eating Mexican food, and that didn’t go away once I was diagnosed with colitis. It just made […]

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Who Doesn’t Like Waffles – SCD Diet Followers

27 July 2011

Come on, of course I like, or should it be “liked” eating waffles for breakfast. Back in the day, I could put down three or four leggo waffles in minutes. That of course with heaps of Log Cabin Syrup all over them until they were dripping. Those were the old days before I started eating […]

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Breakfast Bacon

22 July 2011

Had to have some bacon this morning.

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Pacific Catch Restaurant SF Chicken Salad

13 July 2011

Had a chicken salad SCD because I told them all sauces on the side because usually they add BBQ sauce which is SCD illegal. It was tasty

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Colitis Food at Peter D’s Restaurant SF,CA

07 July 2011

I’m so hungry right now, I can hardly wait for the waitress to take my order. oh, there she goes, I told her: “I’ll take a California Omelet, no sour cream, no toast or potato, and can you sub a small side salad instead?”. The waitress said, “I think so”. “sounds great, thank you” I […]

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July 3, 2011 Dinner – Chili

03 July 2011

Super tasty dinner we just had. Nothing too crazy, come on chili isn’t the wildest meal yet. But it sure tastes great when done properly in my opinion. For my wife and I chili tastes best like this: 1 pound hamburger meat 4 tomatoes 1/2 an onion 1can red kidney beans 1 avocado Some grated […]

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Breakfast July 2, 2011

02 July 2011

Way yummy food to start the morning. Omelette with cheese and avocado. It was super tasty. The Brazilian food seems to be easily adaptive for me and the SCD diet. Although this is more like American food. For the record, I didn’t have any cream in my coffee just honey and decaf.

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Lavash Bread and Colitis

28 June 2011

This bread looks good, but I can’t eat it on the scd diet.

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California Scramble modified for SCD Diet

California Scramble modified for SCD Diet

26 June 2011

BJ’s restaurant in Cupertino(the land of Apple Computers) has an easy breakfast item that can be turned SCD diet legit if you make a few slight modifications. All you need to do is ask the waiter to cut out the toast and potatoes and you should be all set. There are other items that looked […]

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Noodleless Chicken Soup

16 June 2011

Chicken soup from scratch: chicken thighs, tomato, avocado, carrots, onion, kidney beans, celery, salt, pepper, 1 clove garlic Bring it all to z nice boil then simmer and you have yourself a great SCD dinner.

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Veggie omelet with a side salad

16 June 2011

Scd food again. This time on divisadero street in San Francisco, CA for lunch. Added bonus of sitting outside and watching a girl get a parking ticket in the matter of twenty seconds after she parked. The food was pretty good, just can’t remember the name of the restaurant.

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Chopped Salad with Chicken from Rubios

15 June 2011

Rubies’ Fresh Mexican Grill moved in down the street from me over two years ago, and until today for lunch, I’d never been there before. This place is probably a few notches above Taco Bell, but I still struggled to find a meal that was SCD compliant. In the end I went with the “chopped […]

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Breakfast with: Bacon Eggs Avocado and Water

15 June 2011

Before work today u fixed up for breakfast a tasty little meal that only takes 10 minutes to prepare. It’s easy to do with just one frying pan for the bacon and eggs and then you just cut an avocado in half and eat that with a spoon. The glass of water is pretty easy […]

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Colitis Food: BBQ Chicken Drumsticks

12 June 2011

Recipe: 6 chicken drumsticks 1 sprig of chopped Rosemary 1 squeeze of fresh lemon 4 cloves of diced garlic 4 tablespoons olive oil 1 or 2 sprinkles of salt 1 BBQ grill 2 moderately hungry ulcerative colitis people following the SCD diet like me Cut,mix and sprinkle everything together and then cook on the BBQ […]

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Super Tasty Scrambled Eggs

10 June 2011

Today’s scrambled eggs were great.

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Another Day Another Great SCD Salad

06 June 2011

Specific Carbohydrate Diet doesn’t have to mean boring. It also doesn’t have to mean you can’t eat spicy. For example, I’m about to chow into a salsa and spicy filled carne asada salad from a great Mexican restaurant here in Menlo Park, California. I grew up living with tons of Latinos, and I was worried […]

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SCD Fruit Cup

05 June 2011

Have you ever woken up in the morning and really wanted a cup of fruit to eat? Well sometimes that’s me. My friends restaurant makes a really simple and fresh fruit cup: Strawberry, pineapple, honey dew melon, cantaloupe, pear, and a few grapes along with a piece of fresh mint.

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Gaining Weight with Ulcerative Colitis With Diet

30 May 2011

For some people living with colitis, a common goal may be gaining weight, especially after a severe flare up. When I’m in the weight gain mode, like right now, I like to start the morning breakfast off with a meal that has some considerable calories in it. Bacon and eggs everyday is not a very […]

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Grilled Jalepeno Poppers

28 May 2011

No need to worry if you don’t have a proper or should I say proper “popper” rack. Just make some spicy and legal Mexican SCD food with some regular kabob wooden sticks. These are filled with aged cheddar cheese. A little bit of advice on this type of food whether you have ulcerative colitis or […]

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