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Gaining Weight with Ulcerative Colitis With Diet

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For some people living with colitis, a common goal may be gaining weight, especially after a severe flare up.
When I’m in the weight gain mode, like right now, I like to start the morning breakfast off with a meal that has some considerable calories in it.
Bacon and eggs everyday is not a very good idea for ulcerative colitis or anybody for that matter, but when consumed in moderation, I believe it allows me to stick with the SCD diet and be happy. I love eating bacon, for a long long time now too.

So let’s look at the calories in a 3 egg scramble with 5 pieces of well done cooked bacon and some onion:
3 eggs: 240 calories
5 pieces bacon: 300 calories
Total Calories: 540 calories

For this SCD breakfast meal, I also add in a cup of warm decaf tea and some honey which also increases my morning calorie intake.

You want to make sure to cook the bacon first until it is nearly crispy. After that drain out the excess fat and chop up the bacon into bacon bits. I the dice the onion I want to use and place in the same frying pan as the bacon was used for and sauté the onion alone for a few minutes on low heat.
Next, I add the cooked bacon bits to the cooking onion in the frying pan for a few minutes.
Last, I beat three eggs and then add them to the bacon and onion mix until they are cooked the way I like it.
Here is a picture of the bacon and eggs meal from today:


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